EQ Exchange and CELO proudly recommend VALORA., a mobile-first, Web3 crypto wallet.

Valora enables global payments and easy access to financial opportunities in Web3. Valora is also native to the CELO blockchain. Therefore, it is built on the same CELO blockchain as EQ Exchange and where the music NFTs are minted and purchased! Here are additional features and benefits of VALORA:

  • Easy to use – Whether you’re new to crypto, have been actively trading for years, or are already deep into Web3, Valora is the self custody wallet that makes it easy to explore crypto, Web3, and NFT art.
  • Send/Receive crypto to anyone, anywhere in the world – Make payments, send funds internationally, or simply split the bill with a friend. All you need is their phone number, even if they haven’t downloaded the app yet.
  • Speedy transfers arrive in seconds – Transactions occur at the speed of sending a text, even in areas with slow internet connections.
  • Transaction fees are consistently less than $0.01 (a fraction of the cost of other crypto platforms). And fees are always clearly displayed. No surprises. No hidden costs.
  • Transact with stable currency – Use stablecoins to avoid the price fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies. Valora supports CELO Dollars (cUSD), CELO Euro (cEUR), and CELO Real (cREAL), three stable cryptocurrencies that track the value of the US Dollar, Euro, and Brazilian Real, respectively.
  • Shop your favorite brands with crypto – Use Valora to buy gift cards from major retailers, services, and subscriptions around the world. Gift card purchases are available through an in-app integration with Bidali.
  • View and track all your CELO assets in one place – Valora now offers multi-token support, allowing you to store, send and track the value of over 30 cryptocurrencies on CELO.

Visit Valora and download the app from the App Store or Google Play today!

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