EQ Events

Or what we like to call MEGs (Mutual Exchange of Gifts)

What makes our NFT Drops Special

At EQ our core values are aligned with bringing equality, equity and equilibrium to the community of collectors and artists. Every drop contains these three core elements:

  1. Every NFT (MEG) has a component that gives back to the greater good. Artist selects a cause, organization, group that they care about and that is built into the offering.
  2. Every headline artist on our platform will select 3 emerging artists that become part of the promoted drop.
  3. Every NFT (MEG) will provide a financial reward back to collectors.

Fun Festival Fridays: Mutual Exchange of Gifts (MEGs)

At EQ, we believe bringing back the LOVE of music and community is important so every Friday we have a festival drop where we showcase our headliner act plus 4 emerging acts to support. Apply here to put your music in front of industry producers and headline artists.

Every week we create themes, connect them to real life events and listening parties. The Schedule for Festive Friday February:

Week of February 28th: Women in Music

All week we will celebrate women in music, showcase women in music NFTs culminating in our Drop on Friday.

Week of March 7th: International Women

All week we will be discussing the best of the genre all culminating in our International Women Drop on Friday

Week of March 21st: Latin Urban Music Takeover

All week we will celebrate the creators of this legendary music.

Week of April 1st: Collabs

All week will showcase some of the best collabs in music across genres.

March: Women in History Month

We will go deeper into great women in music all the while tracing the history of the music we all know and love.

How Does it Work?

We will be putting a call out every week for the best collector listening parties, your own votes on music. The team at EQ will be looking out for the best events that support the drops and who knows we may be popping in with token rewards, surprises from our artists and combining our love of Web3 with music.

If you want to be part of the special ticket: Apply here

Want to be pre-invited to our closed drops ahead of time, email here: hello@eq.exchange

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