EQ Manifesto


We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • We believe that music is a fundamental human right, the fulfillment of an essential urge to create and communicate and to share experiences, both human and divine, in a universal language.
  • We believe that creators (including songwriters, singers, musicians, producers, and engineers) deserve to own their own music, control their own intellectual property, and to share it as freely as they wish while still benefiting fully and fairly from the transaction.
  • We believe that a sacred covenant as old as time itself exists between the artist and their audience. Over the past century the corporate music industry has devised ways to trespass upon the sanctitude of that relationship, usurping the rights of the creator and profiting unfairly from the audience’s love of music. We hereby reject these unfair practices.
  • We believe that the rise of Web 3.0 technology—more specifically the Blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts—will allow artists to empower themselves and their audiences with unprecedented transparency and fairness, and make possible an exciting new interaction between artist and audience.
  • We believe that music should be a force for good, and as such we call on artists everywhere to devote some part of the proceeds from their smart contracts to giving back to humanity in any way they see fit. In that same spirit, we challenge Web 3.0 platforms to move away from technologies that destroy the earth’s environment and build in carbon offsets to their smart contracts.
  • We, therefore, the founders of EQ Exchange, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do in the name of music makers all over the world, for the rectitude of our intentions, do in the name and by Authority of the good people of the world, solemnly publish and declare that these artists are, and of right out to be, free and independent creators. That they should be absolved from all allegiance to exploitation by companies who treat them unfairly. That as free and independent artists they should have full power to create music, contract alliances with their audience, establish commerce, and to do all other things which independent artists may of right do.

Why EQ?

Equality Every artist will be treated equally with diversity of music and ethnocentric music at our core.

Equity EQ is about artists and creators owning their equity and building wealth-generating careers. Our artist dashboard is the building blocks of equity driven financial tools for creators to prosper.

Equilibrium Balance of incentives among creators, collectors and the EQ platform. We believe in the balance of our community as co-collaborators.

The Great Equalizer Emotional intelligence to understand that our driving force of creativity is how we are all connected. Delivering high EQ projects with purpose is our core mission.

EQ Core Features

EQ’s NFT Marketplace

EQ’s NFT marketplace allows artists to mint unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and list them on the market for sale. The marketplace is integrated with many features that allow fans to receive exclusive rewards from artists and trade their tokens with other fans.

Ultimate Fan Engagement

Artists are able to reward fans for their loyalty and promotion by minting NFTs with rewards attached to them, such as: autographed swag, concert tickets, monetary bonuses, exclusive early bird access to music, and more!

Decentralized Capital Offerings

EQ puts ownership back into the hands of artists, not labels. Artists are able to offer fans rewards from specific songs, albums, and projects without giving up any ownership. Artists can use the additional income to grow their budding careers.

The EQ Community

Our mission is to put the power back into the creator’s hands through NFTs and smart contracts.

  • We believe artists should own their own IP and interact directly with their audience without hidden fees and unnecessary middlemen.
  • We believe fans and collectors are an essential part of an artist’s movement and should be rewarded for supporting them on their creative journey. All EQ tokens give back to the fans with a cash reward.
  • EQ Exchange provides the greatest transparency of any NFT community. We offer nothing but high quality music from established and emerging artists all over the world.
    No discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, language, or genre. With EQ it’s all about great music.

How else are we different?

  • EQ takes a simple 3% transaction fee. No IP ownership. No royalty share. No funny business.
  • We believe that music should be a force for good in the world. Every EQ token sale will provide a give-back component. Artists select causes they care about personally and build them into their own smart contracts. We also believe that more established artists should support and cosign their favorite emerging artists in the EQ community.
  • EQ is built on CELO, an exciting new blockchain whose stated mission is “to build a financial system that creates conditions of prosperity—for everyone.”
    Affectionately known as “Venmo for crypto,” CELO is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and builds in carbon offsets so each transaction saves the planet instead of destroying it. And with CELO, hidden costs known as “gas fees” are never a problem. On this efficient blockchain they’re reduced to negligible amounts.
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