The Importance of Marginalized Voices In Web3.

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Crypto. NFTs. Blockchain. Bullish. Bear Market… if you would’ve asked me what any of these things meant six months ago –maybe even four months ago- let’s be honest, I kind of wouldn’t know what you meant.

The concept of Web3, crypto and the blockchain was something that I avoided for quite some time thinking that it would never apply to me. Thinking that it would never be relevant. Thinking that it would never be something that could change my life.

It’s important that we start this conversation, or introspection, fully knowing that Web3 is not a get-rich-quick scheme but, rather, the progression of technology. It’s important that we demystify and create a space for Web3 to be learned about in a non-judgmental way. Education dissolves barriers to entry.

We are all participants of the metaverse. Whether it’s filters or our seemingly all virtual life these days, visible participation in the future is something that I think has been robbed from marginalized communities for quite a long time.

The voices of people who have been systematically silenced are needed to provide a well rounded perspective on life and will ultimately provide solutions to dilemmas caused by prejudice and greed.

Imagine if Jeff Bezos was a black woman. Not necessarily in wealth, but in terms of access at the infantile stages of a technological boom- enough to be a thought leader and a changemaker in the years that followed. 

Money goes where energy flows. I believe the lack of resources in what we know as the “Web2” space, or even in real life, is directly correlated to our lack of community. The more I delve into Web3 it reminds me of the Afro-indigenous practices of sharing money and resources. ”If I eat, everybody eats.”

I think it’s time we intentionally and diligently pour into each other. Everywhere. I think it’s time we look to our left and right with less desire to pick each other apart but see where we can be of service. The more the Web3 space grows the more the wealth potential grows. I think the whole point is to pool our resources, love and a genuine care for each other so we can be more of a local and global community.

Web2 spaces are not going to do that for us. It’s been enough time. They’re run by people who directly benefit from our lack of awareness, our lack of knowledge, and an undercurrent of competition. 

In my three months of being in Web3, I have made beautiful connections that I hope will last forever. I honestly don’t see an end in sight, because I don’t plan to stop supporting my community. I don’t plan to stop making and loving music. I don’t plan to stop wanting to be a part of something amazing and Web3 is honestly just another label for an intentional desire to support love and invest in your community. So from a girl who knew nothing about web3, who hasn’t even minted anything yet, it’s worth it to take the dive.

This isn’t to convince anyone to get into Web3, or maybe it is. All I ask is for you to keep an open mind. I want to encourage people that it’s OK to be in the first wave of something new. It’s OK to not play it safe. It’s OK to dive into something you don’t understand fully and learn along the way. It’s OK to be a part of a paradigm shift and enter a space that’s uncomfortable because right now the “comfort” we have is chaos. 

Isadore Noir

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