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J. Holiday is an undeniable voice in the R&B world. A true “son of a preacher man” and mother who sang gospel at church, this D.C.-based singer was prone to soul. His success did not come easy. At age 11, the passing of his father left his mother to struggle as a single parent. Instead of turning to the streets, he turned to his voice. He began to gain inspiration and guidance from his now-idols including Marvin Gaye, Boys II Men, Jodeci and even Tupac Shakur, all apparent in his love and street soul approach, his passion and talent. J. Holiday is not a newcomer to hard work, overcoming adversity, nor artist abuse in his search for artist independence and equality.

J. Holiday has toured with R. Kelly, Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole. He was also nominated through the NAACP, BET and the Grammys. He is no stranger to changes: From changing groups, tours, producers and change in record labels (Empire, HMG, Def Jam, EMI, Capitol, Music Line) J. Holiday’s Guilty Conscience is his third studio album released by his own label HMG (Holiday Music Group). A bold for artist’s.

J. Holiday’s 2022 Time album is accurately named. J. Holiday continues the independent grind as he announces his latest moves as an artist, minting an NFT with EQ Exchange. An avid speaker online, J. Holiday is not afraid of the pressure. He continues to use his voice and his influence as he mints his musicNFT with EQ Exchange. A Mutual Exchange of Gifts between him with his fans. Support for his undeniable singing voice.

J. Holiday’s digital drop, the “Feel Like” NFT, comes in Bronze, Silver and Gold options with Bronze starting at 50.00 CELO ($45.64 USD currently), on the EQ site. 

The Mutual Exchange rewarding fans includes:


  • Exclusive access to music
  • Meet and Greet

  • Streaming Royalties

  • And even Concert Tickets! 

This collaboration with EQ Exchange will also give 2.0% of profits back to Manifest Destiny, which aims to bring artistic endeavors to marginalized communities with art programming. J. Holiday’s life experiences and relationship with the journey for artist independence make for a truly exciting partnership between his team and EQ Exchange. 


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