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One would think having spoken to the artist, a bio would be easier or more biased… Azsh made this article excitingly challenging and truthful.

Azsh (pronounced “ash”) considers herself a Pop artist, crossing into dance, soul, and electronic. One thing is for sure, regardless of the genre, Azsh will make you move! … Or at the least, vibe (for all our non-dancers). For the first few years Ashley Christine Arkels went by the moniker “Ashley Christine.” Never releasing anything officially, she wanted a more unique name. She brainstormed with a friend and figured out AZSH was not taken or being used anywhere on the internet. And, just like that, in 2016, AZSH has been burning up dance floors and pelting out of headphones.

“The most important factor behind my success is that I can be authentic and true to myself… including taking care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. The true success is in living well. If I also have success from my work that will be an added bonus (one that I welcome)!”


Success EQ surely supports. AZSH is part of EQ’s early wave of female artists to join the EQ community, mint music NFTs, and partake in the Mutual Exchange of Gifts (or MEGs) that benefits artists, their supporters and important social causes. Just like her music, Azsh transcends into deeper levels of artistry donating 10% of her earnings to Ukraine, “my concerns and care are widespread.” A good indication of gold inside a soul, Azsh also plays keys at her Church in Miami, yearns to travel and speaks four languages. 

AZSH rewards include:

  • Streaming Royalties for 5 years!
  • Merch!
  • Ask questions, share about yourself, or talk music w/ a Meet & Greet!
  • Exclusive access to her  private song catalog
  • Recording Session: video and audio access to the studio session (2-3 hours).

Azsh has been recording original music since 2007 and moved to Miami in 2013. “My current focus in music is making songs that give good energy and make you feel good!” Having written and recorded over 100 songs, her experience knows how to focus on just that. Spreading amazing vibes while spreading positive messages of understanding, love, and empathy with tracks such as “Mood” and “Feel the Love.” Whatever your taste, Azsh will keep you awake with electrifying pulses and lightning beats to light up any sound system.

“There is no reason to ever put my own dreams, aspirations, responsibilities or convictions on the back burner.” With that in mind, music lovers can now support her movements via EQ Exchange. “My faith has been what has brought me through trauma and depression to fully have a healed heart and mindset… But it’s still a process.”  That’s important. Life is an ongoing process and Azsh surely provides the positive soundtrack for it with her latest drop, “Our Time.” Listen to it here and reep the rewards: fans now have an exclusive first look at music, never before released tracks, opportunities for concert tickets, exclusive meetings with artists, and welcomingly partake in the artist’s streaming royalties. Most importantly, listen for yourself.

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