Gem Drop #1

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Motivation and inspiration are powerful… but fickle. Feeling uninspired is going to happen. We all have found strength in amazing people, talks, spaces, music, movies -maybe even spoken for a few- and have been moved by them. But for how long? How long did it last? Answer: Not forever. So how do you recharge during the downtime?

Gems Drops are here to help you push further. To be, build, create, work and even parent at your optimum. Becoming your best self is an ongoing inside job. Gem Drops serve as your weekly refresh spot for quotes, exercises, thoughts, and inspiration for you to continue your marathon. 

That said, we proudly present EQMAG’s first gem and purpose:

“The highest human act is to inspire.”

– Ermias Joseph Ashgedom, “Nipsey Hussle”

You’re going to take hits. We are all vulnerable. May these gems help you move in strength. May Gem Drops serve as a way to dust yourself off, continue the fight, continue to heal. Continue our many missions, maximize our time, and continue running the marathons that make up our lives.

Inspire and lift the people and space around you so that you, too, stand tall.

Persistence pays off! Below is a 50 foot long painting (scroll) entitled “Nine Dragons” by Chen Rong (year 1244). It’s read from right to left. Scroll passed the Chinese calligraphy for amazing details and let the inspiration continue!

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