EQ Exchange Reveals NFTs with Positive Environmental Impacts.

Glacier retreat at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

EQ Exchange changes the way Web3 and our planet coexist.

EQ Exchange is currently working with powerhouse charities to make positive local and global impacts. With EQ Exchange, an artist’s creative output is now going to make a positive environmental difference, socially and physically, using Web3 technology. As collectors and lovers of music and art, our contribution to these creators now goes a lot further than just a monthly bill or subscription. Your money can now go into bettering the quality of life on our planet. EQ Exchange is the mutual financial system that gives consumers the gratification of knowing the right exchange was made. EQuality, EQuity, and EQuilibrium.

The mission at EQ Exchange is to put the power back into the hands of the creators regardless of race, culture, and color through music NFTs and smart contracts. Aligning our mission with theirs, here are a few of the charities our music NFTs benefit and benefit from. Although their missions are big, they come with many obstacles (scroll down for more):

  • The Rainforest Foundation. Utilizing advanced technology to empower indigenous rights at a global scale.
  • St. Jude’s Children’s  Hospital. Finding cures and saving lives. Consistent with the vision of their founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.
  • The Long Island Science Center is using their unique approach to make science and art, STEAM, accessible to local communities and international interests.
  • The Butterfly Effect Project. Empowering young girls and their families by its holistic approaches and allowing our future women the confidence to voice what is best for themselves.

EQ Exchange uses “MEGs” (the Mutual Exchange of Gifts) to take the tokens in music NFTs a whole lot further. Global, actually, in a day and age that needs it.

EQ Exchange has already led the way for females, blacks and indigenous people of all color. EQ Exchange is the only Web3 tech company to be founded by a woman, Canadian entrepreneur, and amazing human being, Janice Taylor. EQ Exchange also made history by merging finance, music, business collaborations and community. Now EQ Exchange historically changes the way Web3 and our planet coexist.

“It all originated in black culture,” Janice says. “You gotta own the soil. And the soil for us is digital.”

EQ leads the way on proper use of blockchains and cryptocurrency that have been otherwise devastating to our planet. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains are known to use the environmentally damaging PoW (Proof of Work) to validate all crypto transactions. EQ Exchange not only uses the less damaging PoS (Power of Stake) to validate Web3 transactions, but the CELO blockchain EQ is built on goes a step further purchasing land to replant our forests and contribute to food security programs that feed children and the hungry in developing countries. This makes CELO one of the very few carbon-negative blockchains. EQ is built on CELO soil, “It all originated in black culture,” Janice says. “You gotta own the soil. And the soil for us is digital. They tell us to come put all our wonderful talents here but you’re not going own the soil.’ I am not going to do that and be one of those people! When I met with Ashanti I said ‘Well, I’d love your NFT, I’d love for you to do that but you have to be an owner.’ There’s no other way I can do this.” A testament to Janice and EQ Exchange’s empowering commitment to positive social change.

“What If Money Were Beautiful?”

With so many harmful blockchains, we pose one simple question, “What if money were beautiful?” This world can be intimidating. From warring countries to the dangers in our own streets; international and local affairs can be stressful. EQ Exchange is making steps to leverage the economics. When purchasing and supporting your new or favorite artist through EQ Exchange’s music NFTs, a portion of the funds will automatically go to a charity of the artist’s choosing. Every purchase. Every time. Be proud to pay for your art and your music. You don’t have to wonder if funds are being allocated properly or maliciously. If “proceeds earned” are going to a charity, it will be written right into the smart contract of the NFT visible for all to see. As transactions happen, charities benefit. This is how EQ Exchange is different from your average music NFT. MEGS, The Mutual Exchange of Gifts. Money can be beautiful. Art and innovation to truly better humanity. And now, like music, the love is reciprocated, the word is spread, and foundations benefit anywhere music is heard.

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