HOLD THE PRESS!! EQ Exchange Announces EQMAG. The Online Web3 Magazine.

EQ Exchange is a Web3 platform seeking to empower artists and their supporters by changing the status-quo. We started by building an NFT platform based on equity and inclusion while uplifting lost voices in the tech and music industries. Our CEO, Janice Taylor, was the first female tech founder in a Web3 space. EQ Exchange was also the first on the blockchain to merge finance, music, business collaborations and community. And through the ups and downs, EQ’s trailblazing in this sector is far from over.

Now, EQ Exchange presents the launch of EQMAG. We are expanding our platform in order to continue to be a true resource of the industry and to you. We’re here to educate and inform while hearing from artists, writers and fans of the tech. EQMAG is a corridor to the Web3 world and it will explore topics such as Women of Web3 Wednesdays (WoW3W ), articles written by artists in the Creator Chronicles, Op. Eds., monthly newslettersand Gem Drops to motivate and inspire all our hard works. Future cover ideas include collabs with NFT art studios, supporting visual artists and giveaways for our readers. Someday soon someone will own the EQMAG issue #1 NFT.

Our mission has always been a real one: to put the power and capital into the creator’s hands through NFTs and smart contracts. Artists should own their intellectual property (IP) and interact directly with their audience without hidden fees and unnecessary middlemen. Collectors, too, are an essential part of an artist’s movement and should be rewarded for supporting artists on their creative journey. It’s always been about the music; and it is about great health and a push towards a more revered economic structure making charity part of every single transaction.

We are the “The Great Equalizer” between artists, fans, wealth, health, and the environment.

The world, on and off the blockchain, continues to change dramatically around us. So we must dramatically change it! Our politics, economics, technology… EQMAG will explore ways the advancements around the world impact the Web3 space. This creative project offers a variety of styles including opinion pieces, charitable pieces, tutorials, education, industry advancement conversations, artist musings and current event coverage. 

You’ll hear it from us. And we’ll hear from you. 
We’ll empower you as you empower EQMAG.

The online magazine will NOT be built by me nor solely by EQ. EQMAG will be built in part by you. So come and criticize the writing or come and show support. But show up! Improving in the world of Web3 requires everything from social listening, climate comprehension and active engagement in the world around us. EQMAG is here to provide you with just that. 

Let us know what you think. What do you want to read? Know an artist that deserves the cover? Let us know. Submit story ideas, pitches or freelance requests by reaching out to us here or on our socials. Knowledge is power. Knowledge and community is growth and evolution. Let’s take care of each other.

“In a magazine, one can get – from cover to cover –15 to 20 different ideas about life and how to live it.”
– Maya Angelou

Our hope is to give you so much more.

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