Canary In A Coal Mine. Part II: Becoming Esther

Feminine Divine by Anne Solis

Note here: Femininity is neither “male or female.” It is the inner knowledge of believing, trusting and understanding your intuitive spirit. It lives often in creative using creativity as the landscape for its beautiful inventions and expression. It is deeply knowing that “divine femininity” is here to heal, bring love and light. That is how I define it here. There are other ways to describe it but after 30 years of study this feels like the best distinction. Divine masculine energy often lives in logic, in the thinking part of the being. Those who rely on their own knowledge over any intuitive part of their being. It often overtakes the being in strength and is not known for “collaboration.” It is a necessary part of the being but in our current culture it is an overused muscle.

4. You have been fooled. Know this to be true. If anything has been confusing, not clear, you stayed and keep staying at the same party but nothing has changed. Yep. That is the mitote. Where there is confusion, there are thieves. See Toltecs, Homer Odyssey and a slew of other examples. If you are unconscious in your own life, someone is stealing your money, your time (which is your money) and you have drank some other Kool-aid.

5. Money. This one is a hard one. The Christians tell us it is evil. In the Torah, it is a blessed part of God. So much of religion has made its stains on money which ultimately is about control. We either hate it, fear it or love it too much. We either chase it or blow it. Either way, we give money power. Rendering it the ultimate drug of choice for humanity.

Becoming Esther

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