The Importance of the NERVO Nation NFT.

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As reflected in their artwork, NERVO’s duality as sister is more than just an NFT.

Another NFT? Absolutely not.

The queens of EDM have released their first ever music NFT and, unlike many other “grab at the bag” money approaches, they diligently chose to do so with reason, purpose, and with EQ Exchange.

With their music NFT drop, NERVO is opening up the conversation for independent artists and intensifying their connection to their fans. As women in a “bro” dominated industry, they are embracing the empowerment in Web3 technology and allowing others that wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do the same. Through it all they are humble in their approach, “Fam — we’re going live with our first ever NFT drop… Let us know your thoughts bc we’re new to this space but really loving it!!”

NERVO has gone from being super-fans to having super-fans. They are use to overcoming adversity. Mim and Liv Nervo are not newcomers to the coldness of the male dominated music industry. NERVO Nation’s purpose is not afraid of the backlash of an NFT release and is anything but jumping on the bandwagon for bandwidth or for press.

Of everything we can take from NFTs, “love” is something rarely seen. NERVO has a deep reverence for what they do, for the craft, and the fans of it. The music. I said it before, NERVO is doing it right with their NFT drop!

This could be anyone’s NFT. The difference is that the NERVO twins work excruciatingly hard as independent, full-time musicians touring in order to do what they do best…. Entertain and engage with their fans; to spread the positivity of their music, their positive vibe, and their contagious energy. Being the first sisters of EDM is not their only claim. They are proud mothers, they are leaders, advocates of mental healing, and role models for many. And let’s not forget, they do so with amazing music we know and love. As reflected in the NFT artwork, NERVO’s duality as sisters is more than just an NFT. NERVO has real, human elements they have considered.

NERVO has played some of the biggest global EDM stages. NERVO’s actions today will be impacting many musicians and independent artists free to express themselves for years to come. And I, for one, cannot wait to support. Thank you, ladies!

Miriam “Mim” Nervo (left) and Olivia “Liv” Nervo (right) of the electronic duo, NERVO.

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