EQ Exchange Makes Commerce, Community, and Collaboration Easy For Web3 Users.

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EQ Exchange is now looking to partner with financial companies to make credit and wealth creation available to anyone through decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as marketing and distribution companies to establish a safe haven for our artists and global communities. And it is as easy as applying at the EQ Exchange website.

Applications of Web3 tech are changing world operations, and EQ Exchange is looking to partner with Web3-based financial companies and marketing firms while gathering global talents working in the music and entertainment space for optimal collaboration opportunities.

Here at EQ Exchange, we are always thinking of ways to make Web3 technology accessible and create value and profits for businesses, artists, and fans. EQ Exchange has made waves in the Web3 world with our CEO, Janice Taylor, a pioneer female tech founder in the Web3 space. EQ Exchange was also proud to represent the legendary R&B artist, Ashanti, as the first black female to be a co-owner in the Web3 space. Now we are ecstatic to be the first group to merge finance, collaboration and community on a drastically changing global scale.


“What I did want to do was make a tech company that was about financial inclusion and solving financial inequality. The creators really need to own the Web3 space. They really should. When I look at the creators, they are women and people of color that drive culture, they drive much of what we see, hear, listen, love… and they aren’t being paid equitably. I really felt Web3 could solve that. Not being from the (music) industry was almost a benefit because I didn't have a bias."

Janis Taylor
CEO & Founder of EQ Exchange

Anything an artist requires for creating their masterpiece – from hiring a designer for cover art to advertising to distribution and financing their projects – will be aggregated on EQ Exchange for the artist and the business community to engage for commerce and value generation. Imagine, an artist from Canada can hire a firm in South Africa for their next song release! Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to access wealth by combining centralized and decentralized financial elements to establish a fairer form of credit. 

EQ Exchange’s collaboration campaign accentuates one of Web3\’s many advantages: Choice! 

The advancement of technology, where it goes and who takes it there is a choice, and we believe everyone should have equal access to it. The structures currently in place (Web2) are built to hold back from giving minorities financial, collaboration and access to building tech. Artists having to make a choice between Spotify and Apple streaming services/wages is just one example of these inequities.

As consumers, we have always had the capability of choosing who we commerce with from local to global scales. But with EQ and Web3, we can now make a decision regarding who gets your data and information, what data we want shared and who it is being shared with. EQ Exchange is the exemplar of this revered economic structure. You don\’t have to be over-advertised nor have your information shared amongst the top organizations like Meta/Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and even Apple and Google. Web3 is a transition from Web2. Not a new existence. Web3 is an improvement, not a new starting again. Just like Web1 to Web2.

Music corporations have been profiting unfairly from the audience’s love of music. Artists are getting less for their intellectual property (IP), affecting the overall quality of art and its many benefits, both on and off the Web3 blockchain. Literally micropennies in royalties if you’re not in the top 1%. Sound familiar? At EQ we pride ourselves in our contribution to the artist community and the prospect business and value this community can generate for various industries worldwide.

EQ Exchange is an NFT marketplace which accelerates artists’ journey before they come to the minting stage of an NFT by connecting them with all required creative solutions on a global scale.

EQ’s mission is to improve income for artists of all types and uplift lost voices in women and marginalized people of color, advance social healing, encourage financial inclusion, and establish a more sacred economic and environmentally sound structure. All of which can be improved when by forces.

EQ provides a safe haven for our community of artists by connecting them with finance, marketing firms, distributors and collaborators committed to the space. 

Finance artists: 

Imagine being able to build and rebuild your credit and finance in Web3 and not needing millions as an advance in order to pursue a career (nor having to pay it all back in perpetuity). 


Collaborations with songwriters, producers, engineers and other musicians:

In time there will be a native Web3/NFT artist winning Grammy awards, topping Billboard charts, and making the cover to music magazines across the globe. Work with those invested in your work! 


Strengthening the artistic Community:

Imagine your songs being part of commercials and campaigns that you are interested in… and still having full ownership over your masters! 

All this and we also support the planet through charities and real-world applications to establish a more revered economic structure.

We look forward to hearing from all of you soon. Your feedback is essential, so let us know what you think at our socials.

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You can always check out our current music artists and their musicNFTs here.

Keep an eye out for articles and more opportunities in our EQ Magazine coming soon!

Your voices led us here. Let us know what you think.

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